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Launch of BNCT International Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

Fight your Cancer in a Safer manner

Rerise medical system Co., Ltd. is  our parent company. Our global mission is to promote a safer method of cancer treatment where we destroy cancer cells via a super-selective therapy. BNCT technology is characterised by its ability to exclusively target cancer cells without damaging normal healthy cells.

BNCT International was established in 2013 in Bangkok to present this technology to hospitals in Thailand and to promote our advance safer treatment to Thai cancer patients and offer them the possibility of a better treatment in Japan.

From 2015 we will be able to offer this next-generation cancer treatment to patients living in Thailand and organise treatment for Thai patients in our medical facilities in Japan.

BNCT’s Advanced Research.

Many studies have been made so far for cancer research, many treatments have been established, however there is no treatment today that is effective in all cancers. Research and development of new therapies is underway all over the world.

The ultra-selective therapy from BNCT, targeting only cancer cells is the most advanced technology today that will selectively destroy even very small cancer cells without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue.

BNCT's radiation therapy with heavy ion and proton beam as a treatment for cancer is still limited because of the initial investment cost of the equipment and the requirement of a larger facility. This is the difficulty we are encountering for the dissemination of this technology. The benefits for the patient however will very quickly help to overcome this initial difficulty.

New possibilities.

BNCT's radiation therapy offers new possibilities to treat cancer without the repeated radiations over a large number of zones. This results in much less physical and psychological damage for cancer patients, placing them in a much more positive attitude and preserving their physical and mental health for the treatment.


BNCT also has an unlimited potential with the development of drug delivery systems and with his next generation of cancer treatment. This is how we will continue developing our efforts in good faith towards the future dissemination of our advanced technology.

Mr. Nagatoshi Kadode, President and CEO,
Rerise Medical Systems Co., Ltd.


BNCT in Clinical Trials

Rerise Medical Systems concluded a comprehensive agreement with Jinseisha Edogawa Hospital, to introduce our hospital-mounted compact accelerator BNCT. Together with the sale of equipment, we will perform preparation of necessary equipment and the BNCT accelerator throughout the introduction stage, with comprehensive support during the clinical trial.
A similar system will be installed in the NCC Japan, (National Cancer Center Hospital). In addition, we will organise the Jinseisha Edogawa Hospital clinical trial during the year 2015, as well as developing  a comprehensive cooperation with the Medicine Department of Neurosurgery of Keio University.





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